SUR/FIN Boot Camp

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Thursday, November 4 10:00 AM - 12:20 PM

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Presentation Details

Title: SUR/FIN Boot Camp

Type: Complimentary Sessions


The Electroplater’s Boot Camp is a free educational session that provides an introduction to various electroplating processes. This platform is designed to educate employees and personnel in the metal finishing industry by providing a comprehensive exposure to the general operation of metal finishing.  Topics range from an overview of electroplating, pretreatment, functional and decorative finishing.  This two-hour boot camp is beneficial to employees who are newer to the industry. In addition, many veteran platers interested in adding to or expanding their services have commented on the value of the information covered. Please join us to hear from many of our industry’s experts as they share their knowledge to advance the education of electroplating throughout our industry.



10:00 AM Introduction and Welcome; Jeff Boehmer, Columbia Chemical

10:05 AM What is Electroplating?; Jordan Beavers, MetalChem

10:20 AM Cleaning; William Mouille, Atotech

10:35 AM Rinsing/Pickling; Brett Larick, Columbia Chemical

10:50 AM Zinc Electroplating; Mike McCoy, MacDermid Enthone

11:05 AM Zinc Alloy Electroplating; Mike McCoy, MacDermid Enthone

11:20 AM Copper/Nickel/Chrome; Tyler Lawson, Asterion

11:35 AM Hard Chrome/Tin; Sachin Patel, Elementis

11:50 AM Electroless Nickel; Ambrose Schaffer, MacDermid Enthone + Coventya

12:05 PM Electroless Copper; Rich DePoto, Uyemura

12:20 PM Adjourn; Jeff Boehmer, Columbia Chemical